Almost everyone will experience Floaters at some point in their lives. While 90% of Floaters are benign and harmless, about 10% of Floaters may signify a retinal tear, retinal detachment or retinal bleeding in the eye. It is therefore advisable to have your Floaters checked to determine which category they belong to.

Any underlying cause of Floaters such as retinal tears, detachment or bleeding are best treated as early as possible.

Treatment of Floaters

In the past, benign Floaters were regarded as harmless and inconsequential. Often, we are told to accept it and learn to live with it. However, as benign as they may be, often Floaters can be very annoying and may obstruct our vision to the extent that it troubles our quality of life… Read More…

Retinal Tears

A Retinal Tear may occur when the adherent vitreous gel pulls on the retina and creates an unwanted hole or break in the retina. The retina tear is the earliest stage of a retinal detachment and if left untreated, will progress into a detachment where the retina falls away from the eye wall and results in vision loss… Read More…

Retinal Detachment Surgery in Singapore

Once a Retinal Detachment occurs, our vision will be severely affected. Treatment of a Retinal Detachment involves surgical repair of which there are various methods. Broadly speaking, the retina may be reattached by an external procedure known as scleral buckling, which involves placing a band around the eyeball to support the retina; and an internal… Read More…

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