Glaucoma Screening

Glaucoma Screening should be done from the age of 40 years old for those with family members who have Glaucoma; and 50 years old for everybody else.

Your visit to our eye clinic will include a check of the following:

  • 1. Your eye pressure.

  • 2. Your eye angles looking for signs of narrow angles.

  • 3. Your optic nerve rim thickness to determine the health of your optic nerve.

  • 4. Your visual field to ascertain the overall function of your optic nerve.

  • 5. Your cornea thickness so we know whether your eye pressure measurements are truly accurate.


Our doctor will assess all your risks factors holistically and advise on the precautions you can take to prevent early-onset Glaucoma.



If you have been diagnosed with Glaucoma, depending on the severity, there are multiple ways of treating Glaucoma including Glaucoma eyedrops, Glaucoma laser and Glaucoma surgery. 

Why Asia Retina Eye Surgery Centre?

At Asia Retina, if you need Glaucoma eyedrops, we are able to integrate your personal eyedrop regime into our customised Asia Retina App so that you can get daily phone reminder alerts to instil the eyedrops according to your schedule. Asia Retina is the preferred destination for Glaucoma treatment in Singapore.

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