Myopia Prevention

Can Myopia really be prevented?

Although it is true that Myopia is hereditary, it is also true that we can take steps to prevent Myopia from rising in our children. While we cannot reverse the onset of Myopia, we can definitely reduce or slow it down. The first step is to detect Myopia early!

Paediatric Eye Screening

Most of us do not realize the importance of detecting Myopia early in our children. In fact, by the time a child is detected to have reading problems during the School Health Screening, the Myopia level might be ‘200-300 degrees’ which is not ideal. At Asia Retina, we aim to detect the onset of Myopia at its earliest.. Read More…

Prescription Eyedrops

Studies have shown that prescription eyedrops are able to slow down the progression of Myopia by approximately half! This is substantial considering if a child had the genetic predisposition to be ‘1000 degrees’ myopic, prescription eyedrops could potentially reduce that half at ‘500 degrees’. This difference is significant as it could mean saving … Read More…

Near Work Habits

Having good Near Work Habits or hygiene is a key part of Myopia prevention. Children may not realize that taking care of their eyes at their young tender age is beneficial to their eyes for the rest of their adult life. We recommend that children adopt these simple yet good … Read More…

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