Near Work Habits

Having good Near Work Habits or hygiene is a key part of Myopia prevention. Children may not realize that taking care of their eyes at their young tender age is beneficial to their eyes for the rest of their adult life.

Our recommendations

We recommend that children adopt these simple yet good Near Work Habits to prevent the onset of Myopia:

  • 1. Read with a good posture (avoid lying down, crouching on the floor or putting you head on the table) while doing your work.

  • 2. Read with good lighting (avoid reading from a brightly-lit screen in a completely dark room).

  • 3. Keep your book or electronic device at a good arms’ length distance away from your eyes.

  • 4. Rest your eyes periodically by looking at a faraway distance (outside your window) every 20-30 minutes.

  • 5. Avoid rubbing your eyes as that will bring about astigmatism.

  • 6. Engage in more outdoor sports or activities, accumulating more than 10 hours per week of outdoor exposure to natural sunlight.

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