Almost everyone will experience dry eyes at some point in their lives. Be it after LASiK surgery, after staring at your computer for too long, or after prolonged exposure to winds in cold weathered countries.

We’ve all had that stinging, biting, gritty sensation in our eyes that rather ironically, brings about sudden, excessive and annoying tearing. Our eyes start to well up, and soon enough, our vision blurs.

Eyedrops! We know that’ll do the trick! Unfortunately, for many of us, eyedrops are just a temporary solution and more often than not, putting in the drops consistently can be a mean feat.

Don’t get me wrong, eyedrops ARE the perfect first-line solution for those with mild dry eye symptoms.However, many Singaporeans at my eye clinic often find that eye drops are completely ineffective!

This article serves to uncover the various other options available to those with more debilitating symptoms, and those who have issues with eyedrop compliance (meaning, doctor ask you to do,but you never follow!)


You may have tried face sprays that sprays mist as a way to refresh or moisturize your face. Well, they exist for the eyes too!

The eye mist spray for dry eyes uses patented liposome technology to deposit water and lipids. This helps protect against moisture loss.

Eye mist sprays are incredibly easy to use too – just spray onto each eye while your eyes are closed. The mist then ‘magically’ makes its way into your eyes when you open them.

Meant to be used in combination with eyedrops for better effects, it provides long-lasting moisturising and soothing effect for your eyes.



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