The disease glaucoma is caused by fluid building up at the front of the eyeball, due to a lack of drainage, and damages the optic nerve. This disease advances progressively, so it is possible to spot it before it gets too far along.

Why You Should Get Regularly Tested for Glaucoma

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This disease, if left to progress, causes irreversible blindness. There is no cure for advanced glaucoma, however, it is possible to prevent the disease from progressing further once it’s caught. The test is easy and non-invasive and can be done at your normal eye doctor’s office. Avoiding this simple test or any appointments you have with your eye doctor means that if you do develop glaucoma, you might not catch it in time and could have partial or full blindness for the rest of your lifetime.

What Are the Warning Signs of Glaucoma to Look Out For?

While you should still schedule regular glaucoma tests with your eye doctor, it’s helpful as well to know the early signs yourself so you can make an appointment with your doctor as soon as you see any of these symptoms.

  • Halos around lights. This is especially noticeable while driving at night, where you might see halos around streetlights and headlights on cars coming towards you.
  • Loss of vision in one or both eyes. Blind spots in your field of vision can be an early sign, as well as a noticeable lack of sharpness to your vision or decreased peripheral vision.
  • Pressure or pain in your eye. This pain can be either dull or sharp, or you might just feel a general short of pressure, similar to a sinus infection but with your eyes.

This disease can affect anyone, young or old, though it is more common in the older population because risk increases as you age. Detecting glaucoma early is the best way to prevent total or partial blindness. The test for glaucoma is simple and non-invasive and should be a part of your routine eye exam. Get in contact with your doctor today to set up an appointment for the glaucoma eye test.




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