The eyes are extremely delicate organs

They play a very essential role in our day-to-day living. Complications can bring difficult challenges and hamper us from being truly productive. And so with that, it is just right that we do as much as we can to take care of them. Good thing our ophthalmologists here in Singapore are ready to give us some expert advice with regards to this topic.

It may not dawn on you yet but some of your everyday habits may actually be hurting your vision. You might be doing these without knowing the risks that it poses, so make sure to read through the end of this article.

  1. Working your eyes in the dark
    One of the most prevalent habits nowadays is the use of gadgets while at bed, just right before closing the eyes to get a good night’s sleep. The thing is that the changes in light levels require huge adjustments for the eyes. It’s the same thing when we try to read with dim lights. Making our eyes work harder than it should can result to pain and discomforts.
  2. Excessive exposure to screens
    Prolonged viewing of any type of screens, be it your desktop, smartphone, or television, is harmful to your vision. Just like what was said, our vision tends to work harder depending on the lighting, as well as distance and position of the object. Also, focusing the eyes on a screen reduces its blink rates, which can irritate our eyes. While this is inevitable, especially in this day and age where almost all of our activities are latched on our gadgets, it may be helpful to follow the 20-20-20 rule. For every 20 minutes spent working on your screen, spend 20 seconds of looking at something 20 feet away.
  3. Reading while in transit
    This includes reading a book or a digital one. While this habit is a good and productive use of your time on the road, the constant movement makes it hard for the eyes to focus, which leads to unnecessary discomforts.
  4. Not wearing eye protection
    Sunglasses are available not just for fashion purposes. These are actual protection from the sun’s UV rays, which can cause cataracts. It’s the same with using goggles while swimming to avoid exposure to harmful pool chemicals.
  5. Undersleeping
    Studies prove that undersleeping leads to many health complications, and that includes deterioration of the eye health. These damages go far beyond having dark circles around the eyes. Because sleep allows our eyes to replenish, not having enough of it is a deprivation of the organ’s recovery. Result can be as bad as a popped eye brain, so make sure to get enough sleep every single night to maintain your overall health.
  6. Makeup mistakes
    Applying makeup near the eyeballs poses high risks on infecting your eyes. It is worthy to take note that you should be extra careful in putting on mascara, eyeliner, and other makeup to ensure that you do not put something too close to your lash line. Also, because products are often damp and dark, bacteria tend to grow fast. Make sure to replenish your makeup at least once every three months.

Our eyes do extreme duties all throughout the day. In fact, our day begins with them opening and ends as they close. A little concern and care can go a really long way. Make sure to pay a visit to your eye doctor regularly to have your vision checked. If you’re looking for an eye clinic here in Singapore, feel free to visit Asia Retina Eye Surgery Centre at #15-10 The Paragon, 290 Orchard Rd. You may also call +65 6732 0007/+65 9118 0007 or email us at We are open Mondays to Fridays at 09:00 AM – 05:00 PM and Saturdays at 09:00 AM – 12:00 PM.

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