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非营利社会企业CRIB 跟Operation Hope Foundation基金会联合主办了A Holiday for Good慈善计划。这是一个结合度假与慈善的计划,共有十个家庭积极筹款,其中七个家庭也在学校假期时带领小朋友一起到柬埔寨...

Crib Takes A Holiday For Hope In Cambodia

With airlines and even trains connecting us to the most obscure destinations around the globe, the world is definitely getting smaller, and there are more reasons to travel—for health and wellness, shopping, adventure, and food.

7 Most Common Misconceptions Amongst Singaporeans About Cataracts

Our grandparents had it, some of our parents had it...cataract surgery is the most common eye procedure amongst the older generation. Almost everyone will develop a cataract with age - it’s just a matter of time!



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