Retinal Tears

A Retinal Tear may occur when the adherent vitreous gel pulls on the retina and creates an unwanted hole or break in the retina. The retina tear is the earliest stage of a retinal detachment and if left untreated, will progress into a detachment where the retina falls away from the eye wall and results in vision loss.


Treatment of a Retinal Tear is non-invasive, easy and fast. A simple laser retinopexy can be performed in 5-10 minutes in our clinic. It is a painless procedure with no downtime. The laser acts like a sealant which surrounds and secures the Retinal Tear to prevent further detachment.

Warning signs

Signs of a Retinal Tear may include new floaters or flashing lights, hence it is highly recommended to have a quick eye assessment if you should develop such symptoms.

There may be no signs

Often, a Retinal Tear may be asymptomatic which means that there are no signs of symptoms. It is not unusual for patients who have a routine eye examination to discover that they have a retinal hole.

Who are at risk?

Patients at risk of asymptomatic retinal holes are those with high myopia or those with family members with Retinal Tears or detachments. These retinal holes are better treated early than late, before they progress to a detachment. Therefore, we do encourage patients with high myopia or family members with retinal conditions to have their eyes checked even if there are no symptoms.

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