Retinal Detachment

Retinal Detachment

Retinal Detachment Once a Retinal Detachment occurs, our vision will be severely affected. Treatment of a Retinal Detachment involves surgical repair of which there are various methods.

Types of procedures
Broadly speaking, the retina may be reattached by an external procedure known as scleral buckling, which involves placing a band around the eyeball to support the retina; and an internal procedure known as vitrectomy, which involves removing the incriminating vitreous gel and reattaching the retina directly with a tamponade agent and retinal laser.

How a procedure is chosen
The decision on which surgical procedure is performed is made by our surgeon according to the patient’s needs and type of Retinal Detachment along with other factors including whether there is any pre-existing cataract.

Why Asia Retina Eye Surgery Centre
At Asia Retina, each surgery is customized and individualized based on the patient’s requirements, to ensure the best visual outcome possible.

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