Treatment of Floaters

In the past, benign Floaters were regarded as harmless and inconsequential. Often, we are told to accept it and learn to live with it. However, as benign as they may be, often Floaters can be very annoying and may obstruct our vision to the extent that it troubles our quality of life.

Why Asia Retina Eye Surgery Centre

Here at Asia Retina, we believe in enhancing our patients’ lives so that patients do not have to tolerate with the visual obstruction due to the Floaters.

Treatment options

With current technology, we are now able to treat Floaters in a safe and effective manner. There are various options depending on the individual’s symptoms, size and number of Floaters. Options such as laser vitreolysis and surgical Floater removal can be considered. Laser vitreolysis is a safe and non-invasive way of minimizing the appearance of Floaters.  

When surgery is needed

Surgery is especially considered if patients require removal of pre-existing cataract, their troublesome Floaters may be removed at the same time

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