Epiretinal Membrane

An Epiretinal Membrane is a fibrous tissue overgrowth that occurs on the internal surface of the retina, overlying the central macula. Very often, it leads to traction and wrinkling of the retina which leads to decreased vision and metamorphopsia.


The causes of an Epiretinal Membrane are increasing age, myopia, inflammatory conditions and prior eye laser or surgery. Since it is a degenerative change, an Epiretinal Membrane may be thought of as an unwanted ‘scar tissue’ that occurs on the retina.  


Treatment involves surgical removal of the membrane through a micropscopic ‘keyhole’ surgery called a vitrectomy. Three tiny self-sealing incisions (each less than 0.5mm in size) are all that are needed to remove this ‘scar tissue’. Visual outcomes are best when the membrane is removed early before it causes any damage to the retina.

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