Prescription Eyedrops

Studies have shown that prescription eyedrops are able to slow down the progression of Myopia by approximately half! This is substantial considering if a child had the genetic predisposition to be ‘1000 degrees’ myopic, prescription eyedrops could potentially reduce that half at ‘500 degrees’. This difference is significant as it could mean saving your child from the complications of Myopia degeneration in future.

Dosage and side-effects

Previously, prescription eyedrops were used at concentrations of 1% and 0.125%. At this dose, there are effects such as glare from light and difficulty focusing on near objects requiring the need for bifocal glasses for reading. Currently, we use prescription eyedrops at the 0.01% dose, which is just as effective in Myopia prevention and without all the unwanted side-effects.


It is important to have your child assessed before considering these eyedrops as not all children are suitable for these eyedrops.

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