Toric IOL

Getting a cataract surgery done doesn’t necessarily enable freedom from eyeglasses, especially for patients who suffer from corneal astigmatism and irregular shaped corneas. Fortunately, Toric IOL, a special intraocular lenses, has been developed to allow correction of astigmatism during a cataract surgery.

Why Toric IOL

Toric IOLs are artificial lenses, specifically designed to help patients with corneal astigmatism and irregularly shaped corneas. When implanting the IOL, our surgeon will align it with acute precision such that the position and orientation of the lens result in the best eye vision for you.

Why Asia Retina Eye Surgery Centre

Our team of eye surgeons are experts in dealing with various cataract problems. Are you suffering from cataracts in one or both eyes? Consult with Asia Retina Eye Surgery Centre today and we will choose the right treatment that works best for you.

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