Toric IOL

Getting a cataract surgery done doesn’t necessarily enable freedom from eyeglasses, especially for patients who suffer from corneal astigmatism and irregular shaped corneas. Fortunately, Toric IOL, special intraocular lenses, has been developed to allow correction of astigmatism during a cataract surgery.

Before, patients suffering from both distance vision problems and astigmatism could only correct their distance vision using a single-focus lens. Astigmatism would still require them to wear spectacles. In some cases, additional surgeries or procedures were required to solve their astigmatism problems.

With Toric IOLs, individuals suffering from cataracts now can eliminate astigmatism along simultaneously. This model of lens can give high visual acuity for long-distance vision and correct astigmatism without the need of a separate surgery or corrective procedures.


What is Astigmatism

Astigmatism refers to an abnormal curving of the corner that is frequently irregular. Normal corneas are regularly shaped, much like a basket ball. Corneas that present astigmatism bear a closer resemblance to footballs, where the curves can be sharper or less pronounced in certain locations. The differing types of curves on the astigmatic cornea affects the way light enters the eye, and also changes the focal point of the light upon the retina – sometimes into multiple focal points. This causes blurring of vision and other irregular distortions.


How Toric IOLs Work

In a nutshell, Toric IOLs have a gradient of different degrees of correctional power in the lens. These correctional powers work with the irregular shape of the cornea to correct astigmatism.

The surgery for implanting Toric IOLs are basically the same as any cataract surgery. The crux of the process lies in the choosing of the appropriate Toric IOL before the actual procedure. Before surgery, the curvature of the eye is carefully observed and measured to determine the most suitable power for the Toric IOL, as well as the relative position for placement in the eye for optimal results.

Toric IOLs come with a special markings that help the surgeon position and orientate the lens for each patient. The procedure first involves the surgeon implanting the lens into the eye, then slowly and carefully rotating the lens in place until the desired orientation is achieved. A properly implanted Toric IOL will solve majority of astigmatism problems.


Excellent Toric IOL Outcomes

Studies show that patients who undergo procedures to implant Toric IOLs have a very high satisfaction rate. Visual results are considered to be excellent after undergoing lens replacement surgery for cataracts. Astigmatism correction is also higher than other procedures, such as limbal relaxing incisions.

Other studies that measure the satisfaction of patient outcomes with Toric IOLs have indicated that majority of patients are able to return with no hindrance to daily activities, and even night activities that require good vision, such as driving.


Benefits and Risks

The main benefit of the Toric IOL is that it treats both cataracts and astigmatism simultaneously, reducing the need for spectacles or glasses after surgery; or additional surgical procedures to correct astigmatism individually.

In Singapore, cataracts surgery ranks among the top surgical procedures performed. However, it is important to note that all surgeries come with risk. Infection, scarring or other unforeseen situations may affect the result and health of the patient. In this regard, Toric IOL helps to reduce the number of procedures needed for the patient to regain visual acuity and raise the current standard of living with better vision.uire minimal correction to sharpen their vision.


Why Toric IOL

Toric IOLs are artificial lenses, specifically designed to help patients with corneal astigmatism and irregularly shaped corneas. When implanting the IOL, our surgeon will align it with acute precision such that the position and orientation of the lens result in the best eye vision for you.


Why Asia Retina Eye Surgery Centre

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