Other Retinopathies

There are many various other retinopathies: Ischemic Retinopathies, Inflammatory Retinopathies, Infective Retinopathies, White-dot Syndromes, Autoimmune Retinopathies, Toxic Retinopathies and Hereditary Retinopathies. Differentiating between these diagnoses are often times tricky.

Ischemic Retinopathy

Ischemic Retinopathy refers to a deficiency of blood in the retina. This can be due to constriction or obstruction of the blood vessels in and around the retina. The resultant effect is a reduced oxygen to the retina’s cells and lead to a variety of deeper complications.

Inflammatory Retinopathy

Inflammatory Retinopathies refer to disorders that consist of a very broad spectrum of diseases and conditions that can cause severe visual impairment. These disorders may occur specifically only in the eye or retina, or may even be part of a range of effects from a systemic problem. These 2 situations are not mutually exclusive though. Both situations can happen simultaneously. As mentioned before, the process of differentiating between these categories can be tricky. Close study of each individual’s situation is required to treat such situations accurately.

Infective Retinopathy

Infective Retinopathic situations are rare in occurrence, but can have catastrophic consequences on a patient’s vision. Causes for infective retinopathy are varied, may arise from viral, bacterial, parasitic, fungal or tick-borne sources. The key to treatment for infective retinopathic conditions lies actually in the successful management of the patient. Successful and prompt detection is crucial to quickly start the appropriate treatment.

White Dot Syndrome

White dot syndromes are inflammatory diseases characterized by the presence of white dots on the fundus, the interior surface of the eye. The majority of individuals affected with white dot syndromes are younger than fifty years of age. Some symptoms include blurred vision and visual field loss.

Toxic Retinopathy

Toxic Retinopathy refers to retinal conditions that arise from usage or ingesting potentially toxic substances or medication. The diagnosis and identification of the cause of the retinal condition is key in successful prevention of lasting retinal damage and successful follow up.

Hereditary Retinopathy

Hereditary Retinopathy refers to the various conditions that affect the performance of the retina due to genetic predisposition. Recent advances in understanding of genetics have brought great strides in understanding retinal conditions and optic nerve diseases. This new knowledge opens new perspectives on the existing range of conditions that arise from hereditary reasons, and have led to improvements in understanding accurate management and treatment of such conditions.

If you suspect you may be suffering from a retinal or ocular condition that affects your family members, visit an eye specialist to discuss the issue today. Early detection and management of such conditions can make the difference in successful treatment.

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