Vascular Occlusions

Did you know that the blood vessels in the eye could be occluded (or obstructed), similar to what occurs in a stroke? In other words, our eye may suffer a ‘stroke’ if the blood vessels are blocked, especially in the case of atherosclerosis, hypertension and high cholesterol.

Symptoms and management

Arterial occlusions are catastrophic and may lead to sudden blindness in the affected eye. Vein occlusions are also serious but these may be treated if detected early. The most important step of management is to control the pre-existing hypertensive or high cholesterol condition in order to prevent another ‘stroke’ of the other eye, heart (heart attack) or brain stroke. 


Vein occlusions may be treated with eye injections which can improve the vision dramatically. Sometimes continuing eye injections may be necessary to maintain the good vision of the affected eye, which could be considered a small price to pay for ensuring useful vision in a ‘stroke’ eye.

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